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 Doc-Tone Records

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Twelve fantastic musical adventures inspired by the amazing worlds of Doc Savage, pulp novel hero of the thirties and forties. Join composer/saxophonist Scott Robinson and his co-adventurers Ted Rosenthal, Randy Sandke, Dennis Irwin, Pat O'Leary and Dennis Mackrel as they investigate The Secret in the Sky, The Man Who Shook the Earth, Weird Valley and nine more astonishing mysteries. An ambitious musical undertaking, ten years in the making, featuring the giant contrabass sax, theremin and other amazing sounds. Endorsed by original Bantam paperback artist James Bama, and featuring his iconic pose of Doc on the front cover.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Price: $15.00 - plus shipping ($3 domestic, $10.50 international)

Coming soon: limited-edition collector's LP, pressed on bronze vinyl!!!


"An out-of-the-box triumph of imagination and musicality... inspired." -Peter Hum, Ottawa Citizen

"Without exaggeration... one of the best jazz concerts I have ever attended." -Loren Schoenberg, Jazz UK

"Loved your music... great jazz. I was most flattered to have a musician of Scott Robinson's stature compose wonderful jazz for my Doc Savage covers." James Bama, original cover artist for Doc Savage paperback editions.

"Noirish, whimsical and swinging... maybe the most quirky and delightful set of the (Newport Jazz Festival) weekend." The Boston Globe