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  Creative Music for 3 Bass Saxophones
Scott Robinson, JD Parran, Vinny Golia
ScienSonic SS03

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"An unprecedented quartet - the brainchild of Scott Robinson, a multi-instrumentalist whose talent and imagination know no bounds. I am talking about three bass saxophones plus percussion. Each of the three proves himself an accomplished handler of a horn with a surprising range... and great warmth. Quite a sight, quite a sound... consistently interesting." Dan Morgenstern, jazz writer, former DownBeat and Metronome editor, NEA Jazz Master


Few people realize that the first saxophone ever made was a bass sax. The bass saxophone is the progenitor and patriarch of the entire saxophone family, and remains, in many ways, its most noble and eloquent member. This music was designed to present some of the wide spectrum of expressive possibilities of the instrument, and features three of its most dedicated practitioners.


Recorded live at the Rubin Museum of Art, NYC, April 15 2011 (cited as a ""Best Concert of the Year"" in The New York City Jazz Record).

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JD Parran, Scott Robinson, Vinny Golia, bass saxophones, with Warren Smith, drums, percussion and vibraphone




All compositions by Scott Robinson, MultiSonic Music, BMI

Soliloquy and Prequel for 3 Bass Saxophones:  

1. Soliloquy  (3:27)
2. Prequel  (7:10)

Creative Music for 3 Bass Saxophones:

3. Intro  (3:08)
4. Music #1  (8:57)
5. Interlude  (2:07)
6. Music #2  (5:15)
7. Music #3  (6:20)
8. Music #4A  (2:54)
9. Music #4B  (7:54)
10. Encore (Prayer) for 3 Bass Saxophones  (2:11)