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  Flow States
Marshall Allen, Roscoe Mitchell, Milford Graves, Scott Robinson
ScienSonic SS12

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This meeting took place at ScienSonic Laboratories in Teaneck, NJ on April 21, 2015 (the day after the Heliosonic Toneways session). This recording is significant in that it presents the first music Roscoe Mitchell ever played with either Marshall Allen or Milford Graves. It also represents a bit of a departure for me personally, as Milford Graves is so far the only artist to appear on ScienSonic with whom I have not previously performed as a sideman. It has long been a dream to play music with Professor Graves, so I took the plungeĀ… or perhaps "lift-off" would be a better term. As the professor said to me after the date, "Man, at one point you went so far out there, we weren't sure if you were coming back!" Well, it took 4 ½ years, but at least I made it back in time to finally mix and present this music. Everything was recorded in one open room with no separation or barriers of any kind, as suggested by Mr. Graves, and is presented here in the order it was played. Scott Robinson, Sept. 2019

"The groove was good & I think it was a kind of historical thing." Milford Graves





Marshall Allen
Roscoe Mitchell
Milford Graves
Scott Robinson

  1. Vortex State 15:16
  2. Dream State 10:47
  3. Transition State 7:55
  4. Steady State 5:53
  5. Plasma State 6:23
  6. Altered State 6:18
  7. Variable State 6:12
  8. Flow State 9:40